Second Avenue Subway Will Roll January First; Where Will Gov. Cuomo Shoot At Next?

Governor Cuomo was throwing his weight around. Put another way: There better not be any screwups under his watch because a new age of public construction had dawned in New York State. Over the past year and a half, Cuomo said he had “taken a personal hands-on approach, and that’s the only way you get things built.”

First proposed during the Roaring 20s, the Second Avenue line was meant to be a muscular addition to the system’s capacity, bustling with passenger activity and energy from Hanover Square to East Harlem or beyond.That was the plan. Then the 20th century happened.Plans were shelved during the Great Depression and World War II. Federal funds were allocated in the 1970s, but the city’s fiscal crisis put the project on hold again.After nearly 100 years of stops and starts and delays, we’re left not with a bold new line running the length of the world’s busiest island, but a $4.5 billion extension of the Q line three stops to 96th.

Earlier this year, the MTA dedicated funds for the second phase of the line up to 125th.

There are other megaprojects for NYC to turn its attention to as well — starting with the $10 billion East Side Access project which includes nearly two miles of new tunneling to bring the LIRR to Grand Central Station, reshaping travel to and from LI.

Word of Advice: Living up to my Father’s Pride


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Love your articles and especially Word of Advice when you and your readers give such great constructive feedback.

I am finding myself a little dilemma here. I have been working at my family business for many years. It is in the antique business and our company hires like 40 old timer staff that has been around even before I was born. My father inherited the company from my grandfather and he was hoping that I fill his shoes one day when he is ready to retire. I love antiques, the blood runs in the family and I truly enjoy spending all my holidays and spare time working alongside with my father and the rest of the family.

This summer I received a scholarship offer from another country. When I applied for an art scholarship, I didn’t give a second thought. It was my art teacher who encouraged me…

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