The Answer to This One Question Proves Blockchain Based Social Media Site SteemIt is Better Than YouTube

Bryan Gmyrek, Ph.D. on Blockchians, Technology & Nature

Which is better, YouTube or SteemIt? Let’s find out by asking “What’s in YOUR wallet?“.

My YouTube “Wallet”

Here’s what 965 views, with 6,951 minutes watched is worth on YouTube.

Nineteen cents. Awesome. I’ll go buy … nothing. I can’t by ANYTHING with nineteen cents. I can’t even by a gumball or an oven mit!

My SteemIt Wallet

Here’s what making a few posts with just some of the same videos put in my SteemIt wallet.

‘Nuff Said

With all that spare cash, it’s oven mits and gumballs for everybody. Yup, I gave away $24 for fun. _The giveaway described in the post below is over, but it could happen again so don’t forget to hit that follow button ;^)_!

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