Few of my Facebook posts

Minal Dalal Co-Creator


It is raining heavily outside and I am siting near the window. Cup of hot fresh coffee in my hand and a laptop on my lap. A wet Sunday morning is making me all poetic and yet not in a mood to write new. The poems wants to pour out and be shared. So sipping the coffee I finally choose to share few of my favourite Facebook pots. They are written by me at https://www.facebook.com/Poornam.venturing.wholeness

Here they go…

A while ago…the rain stopped…
The mist the dirt the pollution
It cleared it all…
The forest is fresh and lush green once again…
The water is falling and flowing
The trees and trunks and leaves have new life again
Fruits and flowers are blooming to the fullest
Chirping birds are on round once again
The clouds are clear and Sun is peeping
It’s all very wet….
The soil is all melted

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