Ron’s Mom on: Written in Stone

The Time Tunnel

by~ Geraldine “The Jet” Denson, (Ron’s Mom)


In Response to Ron Brown’s post, “Written in Stone”

I just finished reading a most interesting post by my son, Ron! I always enjoy reading these post but this one hit so very close to home. I believe that the words stated by him as being ” written on the wall” may soon come to fruition.

Before I get into what I would like to add in response to his post, allow me to quote him here. This quote inspired my response. “These options will be the death of the “all volunteer force; mandatory service obligation (the draft) will be at the forefront of the solution to the manning problem; then EVERYONE can lace up their boots”.

And I add, prepare to hit the ground. Keep these words in mind as I continue.

I am the mother…

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