Billions rain over Trosa? Miljardregn över Trosa?

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

svensk text nedanför den engelska

Are you one of those who may participate in the Trosa Municipality new big road lottery?

Trosa politicians have a quite brilliant idea. They have started a post code lottery south of Trosa. In order to implement the idea, they need to build a big road through the nature of protection, but what does it matter in hundred or two hundred years?

If you are big landowners south of Trosa, you could be the big winner in this lottery. If you buy 1000 tickets, you can get a Billion swedish crowns!

Trosa municipality’s politicians do not care a damn about nature worthy of protection that can never recover after building the big road.

They don´t care that our little town Trosa is wasted.

Trosa municipality politicians care only about to get bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger and BIGGER!

They have gotten the idea that growth…

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