What Mr. Moorman Needs To Do During His Short Time At Amtrak.

Listen yo this guy. He is an EXPERT on passenger rail!


By Noel T. Braymer

In a recent article posted by Trains Magazine, Amtrak President Wick Moorman said that he promised his wife that his time as Amtrak President would be brief. He said that his main efforts were to improve Amtrak’s organization to make it more efficient and look for a successor to replace him as soon a possible. One area where Mr. Moorman can start the process of improving Amtrak’s bottom line well into the future is to improve and expand its Long Distance Train service. Despite what Amtrak has claimed over the years, the Long Distance Trains don’t require subsidy. They have long been a good source of revenue for Amtrak. With government for now dominated by Republicans, any improvements to Long Distance Trains needs to be done in a way which has minimal impact on government spending. Also in rural states with Republican local government, there is…

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