Political Correctness

Cynthia Reyes

There is such power in a single act of kindness.

And so much potential when we try to understand.


Why do we use the term ‘political correctness’?

First used in Soviet Russia in the early 20th century – to describe behaviours that toed the Communist party line — it’s morphed into a Western insult.

blog-photo-christmas-2012From reading comments made online and in print articles, and talking to a few friends, I gather it’s a term used by members of any powerful/majority group (e.g. Whites, Christians, Able-bodied, Male, Non-Immigrant, etc.). But it goes beyond those groups.

I also gather that the term gets used when we are about to say something unkind, or pass on a negative generalization about a member or members of a group.

And it’s also used to decry behaviours that we consider too polite, too considerate of others.


Can there be such a thing as being…

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Thoreau for your Saturday…

tim's weed patch

The very simplicity and nakedness of man’s life in the primitive ages imply this advantage at least, that they left him still but a sojourner in nature.When he was refreshed with food and sleep he contemplated his journey again.He dwelt,as it were, in a tent in this world,and  was either threading the valleys, or crossing plains,or climbing the mountain tops….We now no longer camp as for the night,but have settled down on earth and forgotten heaven.We have adopted Christianity merely as an improved methos of agriculture.Walden-Economy 1854.


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Nannie’s Roses


Nannie would do it here, I think.


And probably right here.


This one could use it too.


With new clippers in hand I trimmed spent flower stems from sad looking rose bushes in the backyard. These were nothing like the ones my grandmother used to grow. When I was a child Nannie had dozens of healthy rose bushes vibrantly blooming in the yard around her farmhouse. I don’t think she had purchased a single one of them.

Some may have been given to her by friends, but most she had rooted herself. Usually people admire the gift of a flower arrangement for days until the flowers fade and are thrown away. Not Nannie. Almost upon arrival, flower arrangements of any kind and especially those containing roses were dismantled, clipped, stripped, dipped in rooting powder and plugged into her rooting bed. Some months later and voila! One more…

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Making the Case Buffalo’s Central Terminal is Right Choice for Amtrak Station

“Every Amtrak train that crosses the state, every single one, regardless of destination, goes right by Central Terminal,” said Mark Lewandowski, director of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation.

Lewandowski says it was built where it was to allow for direct travel to places like New York City, Toronto and Chicago, while no other spot in the city can, and he says Amtrak already owns passenger loading platforms next to the complex.

“The renaissance of Buffalo means nothing unless it can find its way into the forgotten neighborhoods. This is a neighborhood that has been forsaken, but those days are over,” said Rep Brian Higgins, D-26th District.

With $25 million in state funding for the new train station available in 2018, Higgins says he and Sen. Charles Schumer are dedicated to finding matching funds.

Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes says for her, it’s an easy decision.

“This should be the hub of transportation in the city of Buffalo. It should be for light rail, it should be for Amtrak and it should also be for bus transportation,” said Peoples-Stokes, D-Buffalo.

She says infrastructure funding is rarely spent in low-income communities, and being more inclusive with that money is how the new Buffalo should be created.

De Blasio Differs With Congressman on 2nd Avenue Subway

Well, as expected NY City Mayor De Blasio differs with what Congressman Carolyn Maloney says about 2nd Avenue SUBWAY completion.

Never hear great comments about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority from Mayor De Blasio. Maybe he wants to return to the “old days” when subways were run by the city? Does not realize Governor Cuomo runs the MTA is because he has far deeper pockets?

A look inside: GE’s new office at The Banks has no offices

DOWNTOWN – Walking through General Electric Co.’s new office space at the Banks is akin to having a front-row seat to corporate transformation.

GE’s office building, ironically, is office-free. There are dozens of different types of workspaces available from partitioned desks to huddle rooms and multipurpose spaces with telepresence capabilities to a rocking chair in front of a window that overlooks Smale Riverfront Park and the Ohio River.

Floor-to-ceiling windows on each floor are standard. A grab-and-go cafe, game rooms, fitness center, building-wide WiFi and a landscaped outdoor seating and dining area are amenities more commonly at startup offices than those for a 124-year-old corporate giant.

Yet the new building offers GE the chance to reinvent its image in the eyes of workers, many of whom are new to the company. Only 20 percent of GE’s workers in Downtown Cincinnati are internal transfers. At the same time, the company’s global operations division wants to reshape how GE does business around the world.

GE Global Operations was established in 2011 to streamline the company’s operations and accelerate innovation. The Cincinnati center joins three others currently operating in China, Hungary and Mexico.

Standardizing functions in finance, human resources, information technology, supply chain management, legal and sales operations and also co-locating people who work in those roles could help GE become more nimble, company officials said. On a third-floor wall of the building, passers-by can see GE’s goal of being the world’s foremost digital industrial company.

Ridership and revenue grow on Hoosier State Train

The Hoosier State welcomed 2,428 riders in September, a 46 percent increase from September 2015 and the fifth straight month that ridership exceeded the same period in 2015. Ticket revenue totaled $82,324 in September – a 64 percent increase from September 2015 – marking a full year of revenue exceeding the same months the prior year.

On-time arrivals between Indianapolis and Chicago averaged 86 percent in August and 82 percent in September. Yesterday CSX Transportation replaced the manual switch near the Crawfordsville station with a new switch that is expected to cut 8 to 15 minutes from a one-way trip.

INDOT and the on-line communities contract with Iowa Pacific Holdings to provide the train equipment, train maintenance and new on-board amenities. Under a separate contract, Amtrak serves as the train operator, works with host railroads, provides train and engine crews, and manages ticketing and reservations.