White Water Rafting Trip!

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Hi loves!

Today I wanted to share my latest white water rafting trip with you all. My family and I headed to the mountains for a rafting trip for my birthday this year. This was the second time for me, and it was just as fun as the first time. We had an absolute blast! If you ever get the chance to go, I would highly suggest it! Its a great opportunity to immerse yourself completely in nature and have a crazy adventure at the same time. Here are some pictures from our trip:


We had an awesome guide who was very knowledgeable and had us laughing the whole trip! It was so impressive to see how we could all work together to maneuver this raft over so many crazy rapids! We definitely got hit with some big rapids and no one fell out of the raft! Haha, I couldn’t…

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Second Avenue Subway Work Happening ‘Around the Clock’ to Make Deadline

The contractor finishing testing on the Second Avenue subway line is working double shifts, seven days a week, in an “unprecedented” effort to meet the MTA’s December deadline, MTA officials said Monday.

The contractor finishing testing on the Second Avenue subway line is working double shifts, seven days a week, in an “unprecedented” effort to meet the MTA’s December deadline, MTA officials said Monday.

In particular, the contractor is working two shifts, seven days a week to complete installation of escalators at 86th Street by Nov. 30. The original target date was June 21 of this year.

Testing on those escalators will be performed “around the clock” to meet the opening date, according to Parikh’s report.

“The testing effort in general is unprecedented,” Parikh said at the MTA’s monthly Capital Program Oversight Committee meeting Monday. “We have full support from both contractors at this stage and New York City Transit required to meet the aggressive testing that we are coming up [against] for the remaining weeks before we open up the stations.”

They are also scrambling to finish the fire alarm system, which Parikh said is “the most critical system” in terms of posing a threat to meeting the deadline.

Haggas, the independent engineer tapped by the MTA to oversee the Second Avenue Subway project, said that final tests at the 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue station “should be underway shortly.”

Communications and fire alarm testing will continue through the middle of December at the other stations, Haggas said, and crew training has already been completed.

“We feel the trackway, the power, the cars and the controls have been pretty well prove out,” Haggas said. “That’s a major accomplishment.”

Haggas also noted that the contractor at the 86th Street station shortened his schedule by five days in order to complete the final elevator and escalator testing and integration by Dec. 9, and hailed the shorter schedule as “an improvement.”

The rate of test completion has improved in general, Haggas said, as workers have “basically hit their marks over the past two weeks.”

“That rate needs to be, of course, maintained throughout the final four or five weeks remaining,” Haggas added. “The completion of these tests by the middle of December is going to require, as Anil said, an unprecedented concentration of contractor, MTA capital and New York City Transit resources to complete.”

A Day in the Life of the Ladies

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fullsizerender Arise and shine!

So, today I was inspired to create a photo journal entry to show you guys what a typical day looks like for me.  Actually, this is not the first time I’ve done this.  Some of you may remember a similar post that I did a few months back called “Everyday Randomness.”

Believe it or not, that post proved to be quite popular-hence my decision to see if lightning will strike twice on the same blog!  LOL!

And so….

Here’s a typical day for Lady G:

Ok, no lies, it wasn’t really typical since my daughter, L’il Miss Lady J, was out of school for fall break.

But please rest assured knowing that Lady J and Lady G had quite the interesting day 😉

Here’s how it unfolded:

fullsizerender-7 A quick stop at Fresh Market.  Lady G’s mother used to love this place; she liked all of the delightful aromas that tend to waft through the…

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