John Escreet | Sabotage and Celebration

Jazz You Too

John Escreet: piano, Rhodes

David Binney: alto saxophone

Chris Potter: tenor saxophone

Matt Brewer: bass

Jim Black: drums

Adam Rogers: guitar (5, 7) Louis Cole: vocals (7); Genevieve Artadi: vocals (7); Nina Geiger: vocals (7); Fung Chern Hwei: violin; Annette Homann: violin; Hannah Levinson: viola; Mariel Roberts: cello; Garth Stevenson: double bass; Shane Endsley: trumpet; Josh Roseman: trombone



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5.28.2016-9.03.2016. Infinite Dimensional Analysis: A Hitchhiker’s Guide, by Charalambos D. Aliprantis, Kim Border, total 209 hours.

4.08.2016-5.13.2016. An Introduction to the Theory of Mechanism Design, by Tilman Borgers, unfinished, last four chapters.

3.04.2016-4.06.2016. Game Theory: An Introduction, by Steven Tadelis,

11.15.2015-3.03.2016. Optimization by Vector Space Methods, by David G. Luenberger.

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Soulful Sunday – Spiritual Warfare with Pastor Mary Cooper

Real Bold Truth

Hi RBT readers and viewers!

As many of you probably can tell if you’ve been reading prior articles, the topic of Spiritual Warfare is near and dear to my spirit!

I DECLARE WAR! – 4 Steps in Spiritual Warfare

I’ve just discovered this year that as a Believer, clearly understanding what it is, how to identify it and how to battle is critical to winning problems, setbacks, dellimas, issues, challenges, frustrations and beyond in this life! (All that in a single breath!)

I’ve experienced many growing pains as I implement the principles but it’s all good! My flesh shall come under subjection while my spirit man takes its rightful position!

Pastor Mary Cooper is my Spiritual Mother and advisor. I am blessed to be a co-host next to her and Pastor Judy Shipley on our Church’s internet talk show – Straight Talk for Women Only. Last month, Pastor Mary went solo…

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