How to Live With the Boyfriend in 10 Ways

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

I’ve always loved living by myself, but having the boyfriend as a roommate is just a whole new outlook on life! A while ago, Jessica, from Little Affections, wrote about things she’s learned while living with her boyfriend and it was hilarious! I could relate all too well. So it inspired me to write my own list about living with the boyfriend!
1. Everything will happen “later”


There is never a sense of urgency when living with the boyfriend. We’ll go grocery shopping “later”, we’ll do the laundry “later”, the dishes “later”. It drives me nuts! But at the same time, it forces my brain to relax a little and learn that everything doesn’t have to happen right the same minute that I think about it.

2. Watch out for tripping hazards


And I mostly mean the Xbox controller that’s always lying on the floor. Why is it always…

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Crime Doesn’t Pay. Neither Does Poetry.

Author Sarah Angleton

July 26, 1875 wasn’t a great day for John Shine. The man who would later become a US Marshal and a California state senator, at the time, worked as a stagecoach driver for Wells Fargo. That day, only a few miles outside of Calaveras County, he encountered a man standing in his path. He wore a flour sack over his head and he held a shotgun leveled at Shine’s chest.

In a commanding voice, the flour sack asked politely for Shine to throw down the locked strong box, and happily reminded his accomplices hiding behind the boulders with nothing but their deadly shotgun barrels showing, to shoot the driver should he refuse to comply. Shine didn’t need to be asked twice. He threw down the box.

black-bart The fictional Black Bart was an “unruly and wild villain” with a thick black beard and messy black curls. The real Black Bart was your…

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Book Review: West of the Revolution

History Present

Rarely, will I recommend a book with revisionist appeals. Claudio Saunt’s work, West of the Revolution, is such a book. As the title indicates, Saunt explores North American events contemporaneous to, but removed from, the American Revolution. Despite an appeal to modern revisionist belief, it is an enjoyable and informative read of 211 pages.

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What’s going on?

Dearest Someone,

I feel a bit like a guest in my own life, I feel as though I’m sitting watching myself, observing my recovery, and waiting for a grand finale. It’s difficult to explain, my mind is a mess, but also perfectly clear. I feel as though I’m thinking coherently, and recovery is possible and everything is okay, and it’s the first I’ve felt this in a long time. I’ve not made that into a negative, which normally I’m very good at doing – but I also feel very strange. It’d be weird to break everything down into ‘parts’ because the overall sense of things at the moment is pretty positive, but there are parts of me that are apprehensive, slightly confused and questioning my thoughts, feelings and actions.

I guess that as someone who usually blocks things out, and gets on with stuff it does feel odd that I’m not doing…

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