WANTED: Male Doctor With Vagina

A Holistic Journey

Dr. Y:

I was told your peers on the medical review board will see this letter. The day you squeeze out a human being from between your legs is the day you will have earned your license as a doctor thanks to your closed-minded, dismissive attitude to women. I couldn’t believe I had to appeal and work so hard for a simple test that would shed light on my troubles. I did not realize you were an arbiter of the services within my rightful reach. You were supposed to be my advocate. Little did I know I would have to prove to you my credibility as a patient. The testimony of my experiences and attendant symptoms were not significant enough for you. Since when is patient history insufficient? You “did not find it medically necessary” to learn what I could rule out to care for myself appropriately. You “did not…

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Heading to the concert | Donny McCaslin Quartet #guimarãesjazz 2016

Jazz You Too

Slowly walking down the sidewalk minutes before the concert, there’s a hotel on the left side of me, I saw four guys coming down the opposite footway preparing to cross the street. One of them looked familiar, I slowed down my pace and clearly waited for them. Now we were side by side, my guess was right, the taller guy was walking one step ahead of me and already understanding that I was into something. Then I told him, “you’re Donny“, he seemed a bit surprised and smiled, I went on “you’re Mark” I said to the guy who was checking his mobile – I think he said “that’s right” when he checked me out interrupting his scrolling, ” and you’re Jason” I said to the guy walking next to Donny who was also looking at his phone. He looked back at me…

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