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Originally posted on kimjayde: Who could forget the iconic scene in Sex and the City 2, when Carrie and her squad walked through the exotic Abu Dhabi desert dressed head to toe in the most Fabulous Modest fashion. Couture houses have been selling luxury modest fashion to wealthy women from the Middle East for years. Now…

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Miss you

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Saturday 10th September

I miss you

I am missing you

I will always miss you.

When I reached for your hand

And it wasn’t there

I realised I’d miss you forever.


You gave me memories

So many happy times.

The life you lived

The love you shared

Stays with me for always.

My Angel



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LUXEMBOURG ~ What I Took Away From Visiting This Tiny Nation

A Note From Abroad

August 3rd ~ Luxembourg

Luxembourg City Luxembourg City

Our morning was spent cruising along the Moselle River. Some enjoyed spa treatments or attended a mid-morning demonstration on how to make Apple Strudel put on by our Pastry Chef Alex and Executive Chef Ioan.

Tim and I chose to relax, visit with some of our fellow passengers, enjoy the passing scenery and had an early lunch. 

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Have You Connected The Dots Yet?

Let’s have some fun with math. What EDI translator does your company use? For that matter, what ERP, 3PL, or other service is on your short list? Next, how many trading partners do you have? And finally, what EDI, ERP, and other electronic systems do they use? It doesn’t really matter whether you have the answers to these questions. What you would get even if you use the smallest estimates available is a very large number of permutations. How is it possible then to maintain compatibility and also keep up with the accelerated pace of today’s supply chain?

Fortunately translating one trading partner’s EDI transactions into the formats your company uses is controllable. That’s not to say it’s simple and doesn’t require constant attention, but the tools have been honed to the point that daily operations move ahead without too much problem. But the processes still need handholding and manual intervention to assure every document processes correctly.

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Open Home Closed Heart – Book Review

All Romance Reads


As you might have noticed, I have not been doing any real reading lately, but when Ms. Libby Cole’s new book came out, Open Home, Closed Heart, I had to read it. I previously read Ms Cole’s three other books int the Hawaiian Heartbreak Book Series. Those reviews can be found here.

But onto my review of Open Home, Closed Heart by Libby Cole.

This is book four of the Hawaiian Series but it can really be read as a stand alone. This story involves Tess, a successful real estate agent, and her relationship with new co-worker, Damien.

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