Into the Sleepy Breach

Wide Awake But Dreaming

At the moment I have a head full of concrete and it’s not getting any better.  I’ve been up since four-thirty, been out shopping, and have watched some TV while barely staying awake.  Why no nap?  Because I have a package coming in that I want to pick up today and if I’m not down in the lobby when the mailguy comes I won’t get it until Monday.  This is what happens when you live in a big apartment building and you have no recourse on getting your package:  you put your life on hold and wait, wait, wait.

Though  did get something nice out of this:

Shopping--remember? Shopping–remember?

Yeah, a new skirt and some nice dress boots that come up over my knees ’cause yes, that’s what I like to wear.  So as soon as it gets cool I can start wearing this into work once in a while.  It’s…

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