Railway Post Offices Could Be Dangerous Places

I received an historical story about the wreck of the Rouses Point and Albany in 1894. Could not match picture so show 1908 wreck on Delaware & Hudson in Sidney, New York. Thanks to Dr Frank Scheer.

Passenger train #4 of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad left Montreal just after 9am on the morning of December 3, 1894, bound for Albany, New York.The train consisted of six cars, including a mail and an express and baggage car.

The train suddenly derailed near Port Henry, New York. The engineer and fireman testified that prior to the wreck, just before the train came upon a curve, they felt a jerk from the rear. The fireman looked back and accordingto his testimony, saw the end of the first car headed for the lake, “and in an instant the tender was torn from the engine and ran into the lake.” No official cause was named for the wreck.

The tender, mail and express/baggage cars were thrown into Lake Champlain. Two men were killed, Richard Quinn, the express messenger and T.H. Rouse, of Rouse’s Point, New York, the mail clerk.

Into the Sleepy Breach

Wide Awake But Dreaming

At the moment I have a head full of concrete and it’s not getting any better.  I’ve been up since four-thirty, been out shopping, and have watched some TV while barely staying awake.  Why no nap?  Because I have a package coming in that I want to pick up today and if I’m not down in the lobby when the mailguy comes I won’t get it until Monday.  This is what happens when you live in a big apartment building and you have no recourse on getting your package:  you put your life on hold and wait, wait, wait.

Though  did get something nice out of this:

Shopping--remember? Shopping–remember?

Yeah, a new skirt and some nice dress boots that come up over my knees ’cause yes, that’s what I like to wear.  So as soon as it gets cool I can start wearing this into work once in a while.  It’s…

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