Today’s Prompt: ECLIPSE. Eclipsed by reality check

Reality is ruthless and unforgiving. You can’t help but feel eclipsed by it at times and have no other choice as to accept it.

My diabetes is under control but the neuropathy kicks in, oftentimes at the wrong timing. Is there a right timing? The nerve pain comes on when I’m doing chores and enjoying it, and then boom, it strikes. Or when I wake up in the morning. Argh

And then the anxiety joins the crowd. Lately I’ve been thinking about getting older and what the future holds. Right now I’m 65. My kids live miles away, my brother is 400 miles off to the west, and I am practically alone in my studio. As of now, I am independent and can do everything I need. Am trying not to think too far ahead.

Speaking of age, a few of my email buddies are no longer there. They are…

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