REFLECTION – #write photo

Haddon Musings


Look into the pool

and see your reflection.

Is it filled with


Is it filled with


Is it filled with


Is it filled with


Give thanks for

the reflection

and its transitory nature.

One day’s reflection

does not make a life.

This is written in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt –


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Don’t Breathe Will Leave You Gasping for Air

Micki Allen


Took two of my teens to see the new thriller Don’t Breathe today and lemme just tell y’all, it was not what I expected. Even though I tried to go into the movie with zero expectations (all I knew was what I’d seen in the original trailer; I read no reviews and none of my immediate circle had seen it yet), I knew that Sam Raimi was a producer and I didn’t expect him to sign off on a piece of crap. So, while I knew the initial premise — three young adults decide to rob a blind guy in his own home — I went in expecting an average suspense. And then, I got the wind knocked outta me.

from gamesradar Close quarters make for some very powerful dread.

Formula First

Roughly five minutes of set-up was all it took to make Rocky (very deftly portrayed by the cherub-faced girl-next-door, Jane Levy) the…

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