Kevin Brown Poetry

​The mines we’ve built -

Run deep into the darker,

Untouched earth and soil,

That has long covered,

Hidden matter,

Rarer beauties -

Pulled frantically,

From this volcanic core,

A Fiery heated heart,

Much like yours.

It is in this fire,

I have found warmth,

Unfelt by anyone,

Purer flames,

Rarer than -

Any mineral or ore,


Kevin Brown © 03.09.2016

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Bird Feeding

It was just a normal evening

at bird feeding time

everything going well

until the Velociraptors showed up

all glassy eyed, sharp-clawed and greedy.

Even the Bluejays scattered.

It took me by surprise,

dinosaur husbandry, anyone?

Mad bird misfits

running wildly about

gnashing those beak teeth.

They spotted my collie

who stared warily from the porch.

I wasn’t exactly sure

if they consumed birdseed

thinking maybe, they preferred

hapless blonde girls

with too many cats.

Oh, I had always bet

the Mockingbirds were the worst

but that was before

the backyard filled

with Velociraptors

prehistoric bad boys

unexpected crisis.

Would I live to warn the neighbors?

This might mean that next year’s

Rock of Legends cruise

is off…

that I would end up

a pile of bleached bones.

Would the cardinals return

to honor my memory

missing their black sunflower seeds?

As I was busy regretting

those things you regret

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Supply Chain Mayhem – Avoid It

It’s hard to believe that the Holiday season is near – or that for those participating in retail, the season is already well underway. Is it too late to think about making this season better? If you haven’t already made the infrastructure and system changes you’ve been contemplating this year then the answer is likely to be Yes! But there may still be a few things you can do at this late date.

Be Mobile Ready

Get Your Visibility Nailed

Get Ready To Be The Best

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William Howitt’s September

Windows into History

The Last Day of the Harvest, by Franz Richard Unterberger The Last Day of the Harvest, by Franz Richard Unterberger

Snippets 91. A Country Book: for the field, the forest, and the fireside by William Howitt was published in 1859. This charming book contains one chapter per month, each focussing on country life at the relevant time of the year. For this snippet let’s look at Howitt’s thoughts on the month of September. As usual, he found optimism and joy in the changing seasons.

Autumn is stealing on us. The great, long, and sultry heats are past. Rain has refreshed the air and the parched earth, and has given a new verdure to the pastures, where the cattle in thousands, admitted to fields and meadows that have been for some time cleared of their hay, present in their well-fed beauty scenes of peaceful animal life and plenty, that do us good to look on. The air, which seemed to…

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