W Train Returns to Broadway This Week; Q to Join 2nd Ave Subway in December

The W train is scheduled to return to the tracks on Monday after taking six years off due to budget cuts.

Along with the W’s return from its hiatus, the N, Q, and R trains are also set to amend their scheduled routes.

Starting Monday, the W will run local between Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard in Queens and Whitehall Street-South Ferry in lower Manhattan. Trains will operate weekdays from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Due to this change, the Q will be rerouted to the Second Avenue line, which is scheduled to open some time in December. Until then, Q trains terminate at 57th Street/7th Avenue. When the Second Avenue line opens, trains will begin to operate from 96th Street in Manhattan to Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue in Brooklyn and will make express stops along the Broadway line in Manhattan.

N trains will remain the same in Brooklyn and Queens, but trains will then run express between Times Square/42nd Street and Canal Street during weekday peak hours, middays and evenings. N trains will stop at 49th Street at all times. Trains will still run local during late nights and weekends.

The R line will be extended to Manhattan during late night hours, from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Service operates between Bay Ridge-95th Street and Whitehall Street-South Ferry.

The service changes will reportedly cost around $13.7 million per year as part of the New York City Transit’s approved budget.

Macomb Daily:Stephen Page’s Ranch

Stephen Page

And in the Macomb Daily :
A Ranch Bordering the Salty River by Stephen Page here: https://finishinglinepress.com/product_info.php?cPath=2&products_id=2662
Mitten pic by #AwsomeMitten
Book cover photo by Patrick LEMOINE
Book publisher Finishing Line Press
Book cover design by Elizabeth McCleavy
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The Time Tunnel

The ORIGINAL “Star Trek” featured an episode, in which, the crew of the Starship ENTERPRISE, while on their continuing mission to “Explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations etc…” encountered two men, one of whom had been chasing the other—an escaped “traitor”—for more than 50,000 years. The source of their strife involved racial segregation and slavery on their, “war-torn”, home planet. The episode first aired in 1969 and was entitled, “LET THAT BE YOUR LAST BATTLEFIELD”.

Their conflict seemed to arise from the fact that, although nearly identical in physical appearance—both men had “two toned” skin; black on one side, white on the other. However, there was one small—seemingly insignificant—difference between the two. One of them had white skin on the right side of his body and black on the left and the other had black on the right and white on the left. Because…

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The Student-to-Teacher Dictionary

Math with Bad Drawings

Sometimes students say precisely what they meant. “I don’t understand the question” means they don’t understand the question. “This is too hard” means it’s really too hard.

But sometimes, it takes a little translating…20161024085458_00043

Half of my classroom conversations go like this.

Student: “I don’t get the question.”
Me: [longwinded, exhaustive explanation of what the question is asking]
Student: “Yeah, I knew that. But I don’t get the question.
Me: “Oh. This is one of those conversations.”

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