Making the Case Buffalo’s Central Terminal is Right Choice for Amtrak Station

“Every Amtrak train that crosses the state, every single one, regardless of destination, goes right by Central Terminal,” said Mark Lewandowski, director of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation.

Lewandowski says it was built where it was to allow for direct travel to places like New York City, Toronto and Chicago, while no other spot in the city can, and he says Amtrak already owns passenger loading platforms next to the complex.

“The renaissance of Buffalo means nothing unless it can find its way into the forgotten neighborhoods. This is a neighborhood that has been forsaken, but those days are over,” said Rep Brian Higgins, D-26th District.

With $25 million in state funding for the new train station available in 2018, Higgins says he and Sen. Charles Schumer are dedicated to finding matching funds.

Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes says for her, it’s an easy decision.

“This should be the hub of transportation in the city of Buffalo. It should be for light rail, it should be for Amtrak and it should also be for bus transportation,” said Peoples-Stokes, D-Buffalo.

She says infrastructure funding is rarely spent in low-income communities, and being more inclusive with that money is how the new Buffalo should be created.

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