Around Spain in a Blue Serge Suit

Windows into History

Entrance to Burgos by David Roberts, 1838 Entrance to Burgos by David Roberts, 1838

Snippets 89. Charles Marriott (1869-1957) was a writer of fiction with five novels to his name by the time he travelled to Spain and wrote about his experiences there in 1908. A Spanish Holiday is a travel journal detailing his time spent travelling with a friend around Spain. We previously looked at a couple of quotes from his journal in Snippets 36 and Snippets 65. The following quotes are from different locations, the first Burgos, the capital of Castile in northern Spain, and the second from Madrid, but both concern the difficulties Marriott experienced with adapting to the Spanish climate.

At three o’clock on this blazing afternoon we found half-a-dozen beggars outside the portal, wrapped in their blankets, dozing in the sun. On the strength of our dusty and generally down-at-heel appearance they accepted us as brothers, and told us that there…

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