What Is Good Rail Passenger Service?


By Noel T, Braymer

Good service runs the gambit from basic to extraordinary. At its most basic level, rail passenger service should pick up people near where they are and take them where they want to go, when they want to go and bring them back when and where they want. We have a long way to go to fulfill that basic level of service in this Country. Las Vegas, Phoenix, Nashville,Louisville and Columbus are all major cities without rail passenger service. As of now Palm Springs, Tucson and Houston have rail passenger service: 3 times a week. To get more people to ride the train, you need to provide rail service when and where people want to travel. If a person needs to be somewhere by 9 AM and the nearest a train arrives is at 9:15 AM, train travel is not a viable option.

Frequent rail service is…

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High speed railway delivery service covers 505 Chinese cities

Chinese state-run express rail delivery service China Railway Express says its now able to serve all the cities across China which are directly connected to the high-speed rail system.

China Railway Express director Huang Jian says they are now able to provide three-tiered delivery services to 505 cities across China.

“For economical services we are able to deliver goods within 72 hours, charging 10 yuan for the first kilogram. Prices for delivery within two days start at 17 yuan for the first kilogram. For the same-day delivery, the price starts at 130 yuan.” (One Dollar is 6.8 Yuan)

China Railway Express began in 2014, and serviced around 100 cities at that time.

The company is a subsidiary of the China Railway Corporation, which is the former Ministry of Railways.

China is home to the world’s longest high-speed train system, with tracks covering over 20-thousand kilometers.

Art Should Not Depict Reality…

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

I read an inspirering qoute from one of Swedens famous artists.

“Konsten ska inte skildra verkligheten, den ska protestera mot den! Konst och kultur ska ställa frågor och motfrågor, vända upp och ner på begreppen, skava och bråka, så att medborgaren får en överraskande, ny vinkel på sina frågor och åsikter.”

“Art should not depict reality, it should protest against it! Art and culture should be asking questions and counter-questions, turn upside down on the concepts, abrade and make a fuss, so that the citizen gets a surprising new angle to their questions and opinions. “

Marianne Lindberg De Geer

If you can read Swedish you can check this newspaper article, where I found the qoute:

I agree completely with this qoute 🙂


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