Twenty Quotes


“A trident yanked in and out of my chest at the speed of a full-throttle Boeing 747 as I wrote that paragraph, so please know that this post isn’t one of those boring, teen-drawing, you can overcome life’s hurdles! articles with hollow optimism and a human identity forever lost in the blurred line between everybody and nobody.”

The email I received just a few hours ago began like this. As I read more, I realized that the sender was using it to document her 20 favorite quotes of mine. (I turned 20 last Tuesday, so it was her gift.) Call me egotistical for posting this, but I had to; that email literally broke me into tears of happiness, a phenomenon I hadn’t yet experienced before. Also, before we move on to my other 19 quotes, I would like to ask “Sarah” (she sent this via my contact box and didn’t…

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