The Long History Of Terrorism From The Left

I remember the GCT lockers!!!

The Arts Mechanical

The other day I was listening to Adam Savage’s podcast and he mentioned that there were no lockers in the railroad stations and airports in New York City because of 9/11.  Actually the lockers were pulled twenty years before 9/11 because somebody had put a bomb in one back in 1981.  Back then the terror problem wasn’t Islamists, but one leftist group or another creating chaos supported by  the KGB.

It’s been forgotten that terrorism actually started as something that was home grown by various “revolutionary” groups back in the 1970’s.  It’s not generally known that all of that was an effort by the KGB in an attempt to destabilize the West.  Carlos the Jackal and the rest have been largely forgotten.

As have the activities of groups like the SDS and their offshoots.  It was all fun for the spoiled rich kids running things, but other people got hurt.  I doubt…

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