Dark Amour 

With love

“you need to go” she said
When her face was red ,
Her feelings were something she didn’t wanted him to know ,
Because she knew it wouldn’t let him go
She pretended to be strong,
When inside everything was wrong ,
Every passing second she wished she could stop him ,
Every passing minute the light of hope was getting dim .

“I’ll be okay ,
Without you I’ll be able to stay “
Were her next words ,
Knowing that this isn’t the reality,
As his love was her only remedy,
Knowing that with fear she’ll have to live everyday,
With thoughts like
“What if he never comes this way ?”
“Is he okay ?”
“What if today is his last day ? “
“Why is he away ? “

“You’ll be fine without me ” he replied
Hiding the fact that he already cried.
He very well…

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