The Long History Of Terrorism From The Left

I remember the GCT lockers!!!

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The other day I was listening to Adam Savage’s podcast and he mentioned that there were no lockers in the railroad stations and airports in New York City because of 9/11.  Actually the lockers were pulled twenty years before 9/11 because somebody had put a bomb in one back in 1981.  Back then the terror problem wasn’t Islamists, but one leftist group or another creating chaos supported by  the KGB.

It’s been forgotten that terrorism actually started as something that was home grown by various “revolutionary” groups back in the 1970’s.  It’s not generally known that all of that was an effort by the KGB in an attempt to destabilize the West.  Carlos the Jackal and the rest have been largely forgotten.

As have the activities of groups like the SDS and their offshoots.  It was all fun for the spoiled rich kids running things, but other people got hurt.  I doubt…

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Dark Amour 

With love

“you need to go” she said
When her face was red ,
Her feelings were something she didn’t wanted him to know ,
Because she knew it wouldn’t let him go
She pretended to be strong,
When inside everything was wrong ,
Every passing second she wished she could stop him ,
Every passing minute the light of hope was getting dim .

“I’ll be okay ,
Without you I’ll be able to stay “
Were her next words ,
Knowing that this isn’t the reality,
As his love was her only remedy,
Knowing that with fear she’ll have to live everyday,
With thoughts like
“What if he never comes this way ?”
“Is he okay ?”
“What if today is his last day ? “
“Why is he away ? “

“You’ll be fine without me ” he replied
Hiding the fact that he already cried.
He very well…

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ELF Cosmetics Beautifully Bare Lipstick Touch of Pink, Touch of Berry, Touch of Nude Swatches


Hi there!ELF Cosmetics has just recently released a collection of Beautifully Bare Satin Lipsticks that claim to be lightweight on the lips and will provide a flawless, natural looking finish. I have been testing these lipsticks out for the week and love how moisturizing they feel.

The Beautifully Bare lipsticks are infused with Vitamin E and Shea butter – the shade Touch of Pink has been my go-to this week. I feel it complements my medium skin well and I have actually treated this as a balm. It has a hint of pink and the moisturizing properties treat my lips kindly. There is no scentto these lipsticks as oftentimes drugstore lipsticks contain scents that are strong and I cannot shake off. These products play on the sheer sideand seemingly have the chic-lip vibe that I appreciate. I also enjoy the mirrored packaging making these products appear luxe and…

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How Does The Subway To Staten Island Look???

In this 1937 photo above, cars are parked near the site of the shaft which had abandoned a decade earlier.

Ground had been broken in 1923 for a Staten Island-Brooklyn subway tunnel in St. George.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority head Tom Prendergast explained to Borough President James Oddo this month that connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn through a rail tunnel would be particularly challenging.

“Even 90 years ago, funding constraints were a major consideration in the decision to not undertake a complex and at times, politically charged, project,” Prendergast wrote to Oddo on Oct. 3.

Plans for a subway link to Brooklyn were among reasons why Staten Islanders wanted to consolidate with the other four boroughs in 1898. A decade before that, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad proposed a tunnel between Brooklyn and Staten Island but the the plan was never funded.

Such a connection to the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit (or BMT) subway system was actually mapped as part of an expansion of additional lines through the Dual Contracts.

The idea was to extend the 4th Avenue BMT R line under the Narrows and connect it to what’s now called the Staten Island Railway.

“While a shaft was sunk about 150 feet into the Narrows, a rail tunnel from Owl’s Head Park to Staten Island never came to fruition,” Prendergast wrote to Oddo.

He added that no formal or informal studies have been conducted since the state legislature created what is now known as MTA New York City Transit in 1953.

IoT and 3D Printers are Invading The Supply Chain!

It wasn’t long ago that Apple was lauded for it’s finesse in managing its supply chain. Getting its bazillions of iPhones from China to the US and everywhere else required some groundbreaking advances and a lot of tight controls. Those lessons have gone mainstream as the world took notice and of the company’s strategies and success. And partly because of that expansion, the supply chain now extends to areas as unexpected as social media.

Some of these areas make perfect sense in light of new technologies. An article in Forbes Business lists several areas. Here are the ones that I think are already making a difference.

Facts or Feelings?

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Left or right? Democratic or Republican? Progressive or Conservative? These are the choices we supposedly make as we consider our political philosophy – our outlook on the nation and how we vote. It’s one end or the other, with a fair amount of room in the middle for those who see room for both.

But that doesn’t seem to be what divides us politically anymore. The sharpest division seems to run between something like optimism and pessimism, either staying the course with a few tweaks or smashing the system to give room for something totally new to come along. Yet even that doesn’t seem to describe it.

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