American super imperialism – delivery of democracy


In public opinion in many countries, especially in Europe, it is believed that those who speak or act against US interests, or culture, or world view, in fact acting against the welfare and security of the whole world. In fact, such a lack of critical thinking to the policy of the United States is the biggest threat to the well-being and safety of the same world.

Constant needs Empire (Empire) for colonies in which people are forced to be subjects leads to imperialism. It is domination capitals that are trying to conquer the market and impose their rule a distant country. Thus, a complete copy of today’s world, aka the extension of American society. In such a world are mostly individuals and communities willing to embrace American culture and values, considering it as something desirable, what is meant as a kindness. Interestingly, this same America actually violent hyper-power. Indeed, America’s…

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