How NOT To Run A Railroad

Right after my thoughts. NY City MTA has it right:::

The Arts Mechanical

Or “is the Metro on fire? Nicki calls it a study in suck.

A Study in Suck

She then reference this page, which indicates problems significantly larger than suck. Actually if fires are a constant problem it’s gone way beyond “suck”

Fires are a dangerous hazard, especially on trains underground where the smoke can cause breathing issues and death.  Also, getting fire and rescue people into the tunnels and recue people into a tunnel and passengers out can be a problem.  So even one fire is a huge issue.  Having fire so regularly that a website has been set up to tell commuters whether the system is on fire is indications that things are really wrong.

The Washington Metro seems to have garnered itself a bad reputation in the last few years.  Operational difficulties have become the norm and delays are common.

Apparently maintenance was almost an…

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