How NOT To Run A Railroad

Right after my thoughts. NY City MTA has it right:::

The Arts Mechanical

Or “is the Metro on fire? Nicki calls it a study in suck.

A Study in Suck

She then reference this page, which indicates problems significantly larger than suck. Actually if fires are a constant problem it’s gone way beyond “suck”

Fires are a dangerous hazard, especially on trains underground where the smoke can cause breathing issues and death.  Also, getting fire and rescue people into the tunnels and recue people into a tunnel and passengers out can be a problem.  So even one fire is a huge issue.  Having fire so regularly that a website has been set up to tell commuters whether the system is on fire is indications that things are really wrong.

The Washington Metro seems to have garnered itself a bad reputation in the last few years.  Operational difficulties have become the norm and delays are common.

Apparently maintenance was almost an…

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Getting Back at It Finally!

The Real Life

Pizza stone

Rested & Restored

The dust has settled after the craziest, busiest time of my life! I’ve taken the past two weeks to really decompress, relax, and get back into the groove of what I love to do: hang out with the man, eat, run, have fun, and repeat!

And I’m feeling like myself again. 🙂

I took a break from blogging for those two weeks, so… Prepare for photo overload!

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Book Review: Write to Die

Write to DieWrite to Die

by Charles Rosenberg

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I love a good courtroom thriller so when Charles Rosenberg’s Write to Die (Thomas & Mercer 2016) showed up on NetGalley, I grabbed it. It tells the story of an entertainment lawyer (Rory Calburton) whose slam-dunk copyright infringement case unexpectedly goes sideways when he finds out his client has been lying to him. As he struggles to save the case, or at least minimize the damage to the studio who is one of his firm’s largest clients, he is asked (ordered?) to defend the firm’s owner from murder charges. Assisting him is new associate, Sarah Gold, an enigmatic character who’s clever, sharp, unorthodox, as unpredictable as she is beautiful–and drives Rory nuts with her outside-the-box thinking that not only endangers her but the firm’s reputation.Since Rory is much more the button-down, traditional lawyer, their interplay…

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My Diary: Learning To Spell The Scent Of Flowers

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I laid down slithers of paint while my breakfast expressed an interest solely in itself,‭ ‬slowly metamorphosing into a flower by a stream.‭ ‬I eventually picked the flower and got ready to go out‭ ‬-‭ ‬June of course had been ready for hours and was‭ ‬trying to pile so many books on her head that they touched the ceiling‭ (‬I told her to sit down to make the task harder‭)‬.‭ ‬We met the pixie girl inside the alimentary canal of a Staffordshire terrier and spoke like a row of gem stones on an engagement ring while all the others gurgled and spat out speech.‭ ‬This made me think of a marble figure in a bath inherently unable to stop the water flowing away‭ ‬-‭ ‬then I thought about pouring in coloured dye to make it easier to follow the motion poetry water vortices.‭

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