Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

When humanity’s cruelty,
Crossed all the limits
Nature caged, tortured and raped
Flowers remained, colours left
Life was in white, black and grey
Spring’s sweet songs, birds won’t play
People were sad, people went mad
They were missing colours, no one would say
It our own making, this present day
Feign redemption, kneel and pray
Nothing would work, nothing ever will
Inhumanity our trade, pure evil
Before it’s too late, mend your way

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George Westinghouse

The Arts Mechanical

George Westinghouse was one of the most important people in the US. His birthday passed recently without much notice.  Most people don’t even know who he is anymore.  Which is a true shame because his achievements still affect us every day.  It’s well known that Westinghouse developed the air brake for railroads and had that been his only achievement he would still  be one of the greatest engineers of all time. But his work and the work of his companies went far beyond just the airbrake.


Like many of his contemporaries he didn’t stop at doing one thing, but instead built a series of successful businesses. Westinghouse also built steam engines and air compressors and was at the forefront of the movement to electrify a nation.


Westinghouse’s factories were a marvel in their day.  While some of the things they are doing make me cringe, it’s obvious that this was a well run…

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The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Sunday 14th August

Today is our wedding anniversary

Thirty four years of Mr and Mrs

We came to see you this morning

Talking about past times

With you and your brother

Fun, family summer holidays

Our anniversary in the middle

Out to dinner, a theme park, a sail

Tropical adventures to new destinations

Wish you were still here with us

Celebrating, choosing the restaurant.

Thinking of you, as we always do

Missing you today and every day

Love you to the moon and back

Dearest, darling Angel son.


A walk to Gwithian

Godrevy lighthouse in the distance

St. Ives in the distance

You joined us for lunch

Flying high, Starman

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Thurs. Aug. 11, 2016: Stability to Support Change

Ink In My Coffee

Thursday, August 11, 2016
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and hot

I’ve been lax in blogging, not because I don’t care about you all, but because there’s not much to publicly say. I’m in show schedule, and the next three weeks will be particularly intense.

My agent has one book out on submission, I’m deep into the draft of INITIATE, which will take years to prepare properly for submission, and I need to get back on track with the plays, DEATH OF A CHOLERIC, and SONGBOUND SISTERS.

I will be able to sign another year’s lease in the house in which I currently live, which is great. I love the house.

That will give me the breathing room to decide if I’ll stay on the Cape or leave. There are many things I love about living here, such as the beauty of the place. But there have been a lot…

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