Second Avenue Subway Test Trains Action

Test cars have been spotted running on the Second Avenue Subway track, and now officials are confirming it.

The revelations seem to counter media reports last month which indicated that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was nowhere near meeting its goal to launch service by Dec. 31. The project, which began in 2007, was expected to stall due to concerns over whether the 72nd Street Station was complete.

New Yorkers aren’t allowed to ride the test trains yet, but they can apparently sneak a peak if they’re standing in the stairwell at the public area of the Lexington Ave and 63rd Street station, according to Dj Hammers, who uploads transit-related videos onto his YouTube channel (see the clip).

An MTA spokeswoman later confirmed that test runs began this past weekend. The trains are also carrying weights in each of the cars as a way to simulate the weight of some of the passengers.

Past reports suggested that testing was behind schedule and were not to begin until at least mid-November at the 63rd Street, 72nd Street, 86th Street and 96th Street stations.

The Second Avenue subway will be used as a new route for the Q train and is expected to officially open on New Year’s Eve, as part of the MTA’s plan to launch service on Dec. 31.

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