My Answers to Ten Questions about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technlogy

Bryan Gmyrek, Ph.D. on Blockchians, Technology & Nature

Next week I’m heading to Pubcon in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to talk about Bitcon, the Blockchain, Ethereum, and steemit.

When Brett Tabke, creator and organizer of this sixteen year young conference, saw my slides, he was apparently interested enough that he asked me to answer any questions which Lisa Barone, CMO of had so that she could some pre-conference buzz about it. Here are the questions she asked and the answers I gave. I wrote these with minimal reference to existing info to try to convey my own thoughts on all of this. Without further ado, the Q&A:

Q1) Lisa: Let’s start at the beginning, not many people are familiar with Bitcoin and blockchain technology. [Why do you think that is? ← added by me]

A1) Bryan: It’s true that only a small percentage of the population uses Bitcoin. Even fewer people understand blockchain technology. It…

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