I’m worried about Google

No Facilities

socs badge 2016-17A few days ago, actually, it was over a week ago, but there’s no real time-keeper in the blog universe…is there? Anyway, whenever it was, I was reading a post from my blog-buddy Dan. You know Dan. Dan is the guy in southern California who is sometimes in Poland and sometimes in a pool hall and has been known to steal rescue plants from his uncaring neighbors. He debates all manner of things. He goes places I won’t go. Places angels fear to tread. Dan’s tough. He was a teacher in a Catholic school. You have to be tough to teach in those schools, otherwise, the good sisters will tread all over you and the angels you rode in with.

OK, so I was over at Dan’s place, and he was talking about the first presidential candidate’s debate. You should read his post, but you might want to continue…

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