PINspiration Friday

2 Classy Sisters

Rachel’s Picks

  1. I love this outfit! In the fall I like to layer sweaters & button up shirts. I think this preppy outfit is perfect. I especially like the grey and green together. I also really like the structure of the purse.
  2. What a great classic look. The pattern & colors or the skirt are so pretty. I like how the skirt is pair with a simple top.
  3. This is a great fall look. I can’t wait until I can finally break my puffer vest to wear! In the fall I love nothing more then puffer vests and large scarves!

Michelle’s Picks

  1. I love this watch and the color of it!  The bracelets go perfectly with it as well.
  2. I love wearing bright nail polish in the summer, but I’m starting to look forward to some fall colors.  This color is so pretty!  I see it was from the fall…

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Art Of The Week: Samuel Michlap

The Arts Mechanical

Sorry this is late, but I remembered the pictures, but not the artist’s name.

Here’s one of the wonderful train sketches that I was looking for.

His blog.

His tumblr page.

Wonderful stuff, he really captures the feel of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s railroading.

An old post from The Art Of animation Tumblr.

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Citymapper: Train, Bus, Tram

Apps Reviewed

A normal person spends more than 10,000 hours in commuting between home and work. This App helps in making the commute easier. Built for daily use it packs a lot of features like reminding when do you need to start for work,how’s the weather and if there is any delay in your transport. This app will help you plan any journey in your city with available mode of transport walking, bus, uber, bike, train, tram, metro, ferry. Live bus and train timetable are there for you. It automatically gets updated about your commute on your lock screen and tells you live bus timetable, arrival time,disruption, delay strike alerts and more. It also guides you to exit at your stop.Full compatibility with your Android wear. Overall it’s a complete guide for urban transport. Simple to use and very helpful. You need to checkout if your city is there.

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