For All The Good People Out There


While having a conversation with someone, I concluded that it’s important to be selfish sometimes. But the person with whom I was having this conversation adviced me that instead of becoming heartless and selfish, making peace with that fact and keeping our selflessness intact is the best possible way to avoid getting hurt.
And now I realize, yes he adviced me best.
It’s a fact, if you are a good person people will hurt you very easily. In this era, it’s not at all easy to be good and selfless but it’s important.
If you are a good person, please don’t change. This world needs more good people. Continue to be nice.. even if people don’t treat you like you deserve to be treated.
Be generous, treat everyone with respect, make strangers smile, trust your friends, love, respect and be faithful with your other half, be there for your family…

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