MOVE TO A SHELTER What A Horrid Choice In A Hurricane!

A hurricane is a HORRID thing!

What should I do?

“Leadership” like governors tell me to go to a shelter.

Common sense tells me I should stay with my property.

News media just excites the situation.

“Shelters” have a bad name. Leave your belongings for 30 seconds and somebody will steal.

Stay at home COULD be dangerous.

Thank God I don’t have to make this decision!!!!!

For All The Good People Out There


While having a conversation with someone, I concluded that it’s important to be selfish sometimes. But the person with whom I was having this conversation adviced me that instead of becoming heartless and selfish, making peace with that fact and keeping our selflessness intact is the best possible way to avoid getting hurt.
And now I realize, yes he adviced me best.
It’s a fact, if you are a good person people will hurt you very easily. In this era, it’s not at all easy to be good and selfless but it’s important.
If you are a good person, please don’t change. This world needs more good people. Continue to be nice.. even if people don’t treat you like you deserve to be treated.
Be generous, treat everyone with respect, make strangers smile, trust your friends, love, respect and be faithful with your other half, be there for your family…

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President George H.W. Bush Proven To Be Wiser Than His Son Or Mr. Obama & Hillary

Truth Troubles

(The American Government Once Again Chooses The Wrong Side In A Civil War)

Just as U.S. President George H.W. Bush did not press on to Baghdad to depose their President America should have stayed out of the Syrian civil war. We have all seen the lessons of replacing Middle East leaders via what President George W. Bush did in Iraq and the lives that has cost in the past, present, and future as we have also seen in Libya. The American government of President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not learn from Iraq or Libya so they decided to help over through the Syrian government, now look at the mess almost six years in the running. There is no way our government can retreat and save face in the Arab world but exiting from the fight against the Syrian government is the only thing we really…

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Haddon Musings


The Commune in Ethiopia Where Feminism is the Law
How a village in Ethiopia has come to serve as a model for the rights of women, children and the elderly.

By Zac Crellin SEPTEMBER 14, 2016


The village center of Awra Amba. (All Photos: Zac Crellin)

Tucked away between the rugged gorges and valleys of the Ethiopian highlands is an egalitarian commune that defies the norms of traditional society. Awra Amba, founded in the utopian mold 44 years ago, has managed to thrive where so many other attempts have failed.

Awra Amba could be described as communist, puritanical, pantheistic, feminist, or even cult-like, but its 450 residents are wary of such descriptors. They believe their philosophy, as dictated by the community’s soft-spoken founder Zumra Nuru, is too easily distorted by cultural and linguistic differences to be labeled accurately…

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