Governor Cuomo’s Dreams About NY’s Penn Station

New York City’s Penn Station has had a crazy history. The “real” Penn Station was torn down in the ’60s and “replaced” by the basement of Madison Square Garden. It has gotten renovated numerous times and still is one of the worst excuses for a train station. It holds Amtrak, Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit and a couple of subway stations.

All kinds of mayors, governors and other people with ideas have made suggestions. Right next to Penn Station is the US Postal Services “GPO” (General Post Office) (ZIP Code 10000). It is a huge and with modern technology is kind of obsolete. Used to see cartoons of huge hall with 100 service windows and only one open. Finally the Postal Service decided to abandon it. WOW! It could become a train station!

Cuomo’s plan is to put Amtrak and Long Island RR would move and leave the “old” Penn Station to New Jersey Transit and the subways. Yes, have been many ideas over the years: Senators Moynihan and Schumer. Even people who just rode the trains.


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