Media Fail?

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Recently there was an accident on the NJ Transit into Hoboken Terminal.  The media has been all over this. Unfortunately the media doesn’t seem to have the skills in backgrounding that it once had.  Putting people in front of cameras, yes.  Getting the story, other than mindlessly repeating the same thing over and over, no.

Here’s some raw footage.

Now with fifteen minutes of Googling or so I was able to obtain some background. First of all some videos of the Hoboken Terminal.

Now here’s everything Wikipedia has on all the relevant topics about this accident.,-74.0319025,842m/data=!3m1!1e3

Now a lot of the discussion seems to surround the installation of Positive train control and the delay of the installation of same.

Now the talk about the lack of PTC is, in this case more than a little of a red herring.  Lets…

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