Unmanned Delivery Options Are Changing The Supply Chain

The US Postal Service is handling more commercial shipments than ever. Traditional carriers like UPS and FedEx are seemingly on every street every day. Getting packaged delivered to the increasing number of customers who make purchases without actually showing up at a store is a world wide phenomenon and one in which cost is an important factor.

Of course cost is not the only issue. Speed, convenience, traceability, and reliability are also at the top of the list. And as the digital evolution has show us, new technologies are pushing hard at old school boundaries. Some of the players are new and some have been steadily gaining traction but the last couple months. Let’s take a quick look at the list of technologies affecting last mile delivery.

Uber (and competitors) delivery services
Drone and other unmanned arial delivery
Unmanned ground vehicles

Read more: http://ec-bp.com/index.php/articles/editors-blog/11731-unmanned-delivery-options-are-changing-the-supply-chain#ixzz4LcFHxO6b


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