The Importance of AMTRAK’s “Cardinal” to Cincinnati

If you look at the map of Amtrak’s “Cardinal”, it shows up as an alternate route from New York to Chicago. Going West it hits no major city until Cincinnati. But this city needs good travel to Chicago……not 3 days a week in the middle of the night. The total trip time from New York to Chicago takes 26 hours and 30 minutes, although the train often does not run on time.

Perhaps it is time to think of HYPERLOOP? The Muhammad Ali HYPERLINK is already being promoted as a Chicago-Louisvile route. Both routes benefit Indianapolis too!!!

Who knows, maybe the whole Cardinal route coud become a HYPERLOOOP?

4 thoughts on “The Importance of AMTRAK’s “Cardinal” to Cincinnati”

  1. Thank you for posting. I see this train occasionally. My son took it from Huntington, WV to Washington, DC and back.. He and his co-workers took a group of High School students to DC for a national conference. Many of the students had never been away from home. The train provided affordable transportation. They enjoyed it.


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