DSD and Tracking Data

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is not new but the speed of commerce is having an impact on just how DSD is working… or not working. The old normal pace of delivery just doesn’t cut it any more when store shelves are stocked to the ‘just right’ levels and the costs of delivery continue to increase. For DSD to continue to be the best way to get product to retailers, the technology needs to replace clipboards.

The obvious answer it to deploy mobile devices with route drivers. That’s the simple answer and one that definitely works. But a lot of thought needs to go into the selection of devices. Is the iPhone the driver carries for their personal business going to work well when it’s the end of the day and there are still 3 more stops to make out in the countryside? Here are 4 things to consider when deciding what kind of mobile device should be in the hands of the driver.

Read more: http://ec-bp.com/index.php/articles/editors-blog/11722-dsd-and-tracking-data#ixzz4KxNvYzAr


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