Five Long Distance Passenger Train Expansions Amtrak Should Do


By Noel T. Braymer

Wick Moorman will be busy in the next few months in his transition as President of Amtrak. There are lots of problems at Amtrak for him to learn about. He will need to assemble his own management team to get needed changes made at Amtrak. His most immediate issues will be to improve Amtrak’s revenues and improve Amtrak’s equipment reliability of its trains. At the same time there is growing demand around the country for more rail passenger service. This is seen with increased local political action to get Washington’s attention for more rail passenger service. There are many issues holding back these efforts. First of all is lack of funding. There is also a shortage of equipment for expanded service. And the railroads are not eager to have more passenger service on their tracks. Much of the efforts of late by Amtrak studying different route…

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