White Paper Available – ERP Integration

Lots of orders? If you are inputting these yourself, one by one, from your eCommerce platform or EDI trading partner into your accounting package or ERP – there is an low cost, easy fix. The answer is accounting integration.
Last month, http://www.ec-bp.com subscriber Cindy, our customer who works at a top Tax Services Company, mentioned this site to us. After stopping by the site, we realised that many of you are likely doing your EDI/eCom order, shipping, invoicing and inventory manually – like Cindy and her team was. We’d love to help you like we helped Cindy.

Grab this free whitepaper on the 5 best practices of integration planning. eBridge has been doing integration between EDI, eCom, CRM and ERP for over 22 years now. We really know our stuff.

What will you learn in the whitepaper?

Identify challenges, capture ‘musts’
Build an engaged integration team
Define requirements, in detail
Select an integration solution that fits
Know your data and have it ready

Read more: http://ec-bp.com/index.php/articles/industry-updates/11713-white-paper-available-erp-integration#ixzz4KCjCxRBd


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