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Hello friends!
As I sit in my lonely room, in between bouts of taking pills and waiting to die, I sometimes go internet shopping! Here are a couple of blogger stores I have shopped at myself and enjoyed their beautiful jewelry!

  • IreneDesign2011 is all lovely hand-made jewelry. I’ve gotten a few pieces from her last year and they were so awesome! She puts a lot of love in her work.
    strawberry quartz
    Beautiful Handmade Gold Anklet with Facetted Strawberry Quartz Drops Would you like to wear this anklet? Please let me know, thank you 🙂 You can find this anklet here and other beautiful Jewelry …
    Source: Facetted Strawberry Quartz Drops Anklet

  • Heartseye‘s got inexpensive fashion jewelry. If you want something to cosplay with or something related to a movie or something trendy, this is for you! Shipping might take a little long (maybe two weeks?), but it’s free, and…

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