Those Restful Off Days

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Now Labor Day is over for us in the U.S. and it seemed long and almost relaxing.  Except for getting sick to my stomach yesterday from having too much coffee before eating, which is a real thing with me now.  I seem to have no tolerance for it these days, not since I cut caffeine out of my normal routine.

But I did get some shopping in and finished Narcos and did the laundry and wrote my reap, so Monday wasn’t a total waste.  I didn’t actually work on the novel beyond what I did in the morning but I did post a long Facebook live video during my time at the coffee shop.  I’m presenting it here ’cause you may want to see what I’m like when I’m posting stream of conciseness video and speaking any thought that comes into my head.

And that brings us to the last…

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