Throwback The ’90s – Berry Lips And The Choker Necklace


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHThere was a Chanel make up advertising picture in the ’90s (see the image below) which hugely inspired me back at the time. The model had straight dark hair – middle parted (as you do in the ’90s); she wore a white shirt and the black blazer… The colour of her berry lips popped from her snow white skin and I just couldn’t move my eyes away from her strikingly beautiful face and those attention drawing deep; dark; rich berry lips…

The funny thing is, after over a decade long wearing plum coloured lipsticks, I lately discovered that the coral red is actually a much more suitable colour for my skin tone. So I guess I’ll give it a miss this time knowing that plum/dark red/berry lips are back in again.

The choker necklace, is an accessory which I embraced in the ’90s and I still have’t gotten over the…

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