Lonely Author Sees No Evil

The Lonely Author


The Chimp is not seeing much of anything else either (unfortunately, that includes Allie’s new lingerie.  Ugh).  For that reason I have been slow answering my posts and keeping up with my blog reading.

I had an accident on Sunday night that aggravated my blurred vision. It appears there will be another surgery on my right eye in the horizon.

During the next few weeks my reading will be limited.  My wife and doctors know I would get separation anxiety if I didn’t read your posts.

Thank you for your patience.

Keep smiling.

Keep writing.

Be well.

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Another Of CT’s Economic Problems

The Arts Mechanical

This is typical of state politics. It’s called, let’s keep the state from growing under any circumstances.


This is a classic case.  A small group of homeowners stopping needed infrastructure improvements regardless of the consequences to the rest of the state.  I know that many states have NIMBY problems, but Connecticut takes those problems to a whole new level. At this point it is virtually impossible to get vitally needed infrastructure improvements started, let alone completed. This has been a trend here in CT since the early 1980’s or so. Small groups of politically connected very vocal  citizens block a highway, pipeline, power plant, large store or other development or infrastructure improvement strictly on narrow self interest.  About 1/2 mile from me a quickly created “citizens group” was formed to “protect the Merritt Parkway” blocked a badly need interchange improvement.  It turned that this “conservation” group was the creation of a lawyer…

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A New Fed?

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

The annual Jackson Hole conference of the Federal Reserve starts today! If you’re a little under-enthusiastic, it’s OK. There’s a lot going on, what with the State Fair, back to school preparations, and the fact that hardly anyone cares what the Fed is up to.

Except, that is, more people all the time. The mysterious workings of the Fed have come under a lot of scrutiny lately – from left, right, and center. The most powerful bank in the world does indeed control more of our destiny than many otherwise free people would like, and that’s worrying.

The Fed knows this, of course. They also know that in an era of dysfunctional government and globalism they have more power all the time – as well as more responsibility to get it right. Will there be a new, more open Fed?  The answer, a very strong “Yes!” may surprise you.

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The First Instance Of Caisson Disease

The Arts Mechanical

Caisson disease, better known as compression Sickness or the bends became widely known with the construction of the deep piers of the Eads Bridge in St Louis. Caisson disease, not actually a disease. What happens is that the deeper you into the water the more you compresss.  If you are on breath hold like most of the divers in the 19th Century your lungs compress with the rest of you and there’s not really any possibility of nitrogen bubbling into the blood stream under compression.


Hard hat diving had been around since the early 19th Century, but I couldn’t find much on the internet about decompression sickness from 19th Century hard hat divers.  I suspect that much of the reason for that is that hard hat diving is strenuous enough that bottom times are fairly short and the ascents are slow, so the possibility of the bends is mitigated…

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John Coltrane: Equinox

Jazz You Too

Thanks for the perfect suggestion! Listening over and over – looping!

John Coltrane: My Favorite Things

John Coltrane Quartet: Ballads

John Coltrane: What’s New?

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