I Feel Great! Solved A Big Problem In My Life So Simply!!

First it was SKYPE telling me somebody I had not talked to in 19 years has just come on to SKYPE.

Then it was WordPress assking me “HOWDY, HOW MAY I HELP YOU?” Very nice to ask, but it is 7am. Just looking at yesterday results. By 7PM when I really have a problem, HOWDY DOODEY is somewhere else. Must go to “GEEK SCREENS”.

Then FACEBOOK: “John Jones has tagged you in a photo”. Very nice of John, but all I do in Facebook is post blogs via WordPress.

Rather than fight a war about Penney versus the Geeks, I just walked into bathroom, took a band-aid, cut it to size aad covered the bottom right of my computer screen!!!!!!


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Brownie Brownie

Brownie is the name of a long-running popular series of simple and inexpensive cameras made by Eastman Kodak.

The Brownie camera, introduced in February 1900, invented low-cost photography by introducing the concept of the snapshot to the masses. The Brownie, was a very basic cardboardbox camera with a simple meniscus lens that took 2 1/4-inch square pictures on 117rollfilm. The Brownie camera was conceived and marketed for sales of Kodak roll films. Because of its’ simple controls and initial price of $1 along with the low price of Kodak roll film and processing, The Brownie camera achieved and surpassed its’ marketing goal.

The camera was named after the brownies in popular Palmer Coxcartoons. Consumers responded, and over 150,000 Brownie cameras were shipped in the first year of production. An improved model, called No. 2 Brownie came in 1901, which produced larger photos and cost $2. It…

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Crazy dogs, fireworks and insomnia

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NOTE: This post originally ran here 4 years ago, and I thought it might be fun to share it again.

Never be fooled by an innocent little face, this dog is a madman!

…and I must add that cute only goes so far!

Over the past several nights, people in the area have been testing out their fourth of July fireworks, including firecrackers, cherry bombs and M-80’s.  They begin in the afternoon and continue throughout the evening, making this crazy mutt go more and more insane.

Oh, and did I fail to mention what happens when the big fireworks show kicks off at around 9:30 or so?  Bedlam!

Running around the house, jumping up on people, panting, whining, scratching, ripping things up…  Does it ever end?

When things finally wind down sometime after 11, he settles down… and then the neighborhood dudes with firecrackers resume their assault on the night…

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