Long live Lovers

Rashmi Tiwari

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My phone ranged in the evening. I thought who is calling me right now, may b from customer care. The number was new and it was not seem to be company’s number.
“Hello” I said.
” Hello..! You there?” he said.
Ohh..! Is he?. My heart started beating faster and faster.
“Yes. ! M here.. If I am not wrong its Soldier” I said.
” Yes ! You are right” he said.
” How come..? You called me. ! You don’t have time for this calling things from your busy schedule” I said.
” Oh ! C’mon” he said in a relaxing tone.
” Midterm breaks..! Dear..” He said.
“Ohhh.. ! How are you then?..” I said.
“I am fine ! I am in this city only. ! Can you meet me?” he said.
I was totally surprised. Is this reality. Whenever I tried to meet him, he refused. But…

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