ERS software now segregates Fred Meyer and Kroger Marketplace data for individual chain reporting

Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS), a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retail analytic and demand planning solutions to suppliers, licensors and their retail trading partners, today announced a new feature to their Retail Analytic Software. Users can now run individual reporting off of a mixed sales data feed.
Fred Meyer, Inc. is one of the largest supercenter operators in the US (along with Wal-Mart and Costco Wholesale), offering everything from apparel and home goods to groceries, consumer electronics, fuel, and jewelry. In May 1999 Fred Meyer merged with Kroger of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Recently the company opened up a new chain called Kroger Marketplace, offering fresh foods along with Home Fashion and Décor, Bed and Bath, Kitchen and Small Appliances, Home Office and Toys as a one-stop shopping destination.
Enhanced Retail Solutions’ state of the art hardware and retail analytics software already transforms millions of lines of raw, unparsed EDI 852 point of sale text to clean, usable reporting in minutes. Its automated EDI 852 POS conversion service offers 24/7 data processing, including Sundays. Now that service will take the merged Fred Meyer and Kroger Marketplace retail sales and split it out accurately for each retail chain. ERS’ Retail Synthesis BI reporting software can roll together the two chains’ sales as well.
“This feature was added at a new client’s request,” said David Matsil, President of Business Development at Enhanced Retail Solutions. “Our client’s buyer at Fred Meyer was thrilled to see their Fred Meyer and Kroger business separately. It is so gratifying to see our company meet our clients’ special requests so quickly and effectively.”


David Matsil

About Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC:
Enhanced Retail Solutions is software and consulting firm specializing in Retail Analysis and Demand Planning for manufacturers, licensors and their retail partners. ERS’ state of the art software tools and consulting deliver critical data quickly, easily and cost effectively, adding over one hundred million dollars to their clients’ bottom line. ERS’ broad customer base includes industry leaders in the electronics, consumer products, apparel, footwear, home textile, toy, home décor, home improvement, housewares, jewelry and food industries. Headquartered in New York City, Enhanced Retail Solutions has offices in the Dallas, TX and development in the US, Cork, Ireland and Delhi, India. For more information, visit
About The Kroger Co: The Kroger Co. is one of the world’s largest grocery retailers, with fiscal 2015 sales of $109.8 billion. The Kroger Co. Family of Stores spans many states with store formats that include grocery and multi-department stores, discount, convenience stores and jewelry stores. They operate under nearly two dozen banners, all of which share the same belief in building strong local ties and brand loyalty with their customers. For more information, visit: .

The Late, Great New York Central Railroad In Pictures

We are sharing several New York Central Railroad pictures sent by Wayne Koch.

The feature image at the top is famous locomotive 999. Picture taken at the 1948 Chicago Rail Fair by Ed Nowak. From the J. David Ingles Collection.

The 999 Steam Locomotive was a new concept in speed locomotives. Engine 999 was assigned to haul the New York Central Railroad’s brilliant new passenger train, the Empire State Express. On May 10, 1893, the 999 became the fastest land vehicle when it reached a record speed of 112.5 mph. The 999 maintained the record for a decade.

Designed by William Buchanan and manufactured by the New York Central Railroad in West Albany, New York in 1893, the 999 was commissioned to haul the Empire State Express, which ran from Syracuse to Buffalo. This relatively smooth run and the 999’s cutting-edge design gave the new locomotive an opportunity to make history.


20th CENTURY LIMITED AT CHICAGO. Picture taken by Ed Nowak. From the J. David Ingles Collection.

The 20th Century Limited was an express passenger train on the New York Central Railroad (NYC) from 1902 to 1967, advertised as “The Most Famous Train in the World”. In the year of its last run, The New York Times said that it “…was known to railroad buffs for 65 years as the world’s greatest train”. The train traveled between Grand Central Terminal (GCT) in New York City and LaSalle Street Station in Chicago, Illinois, along the railroad’s “Water Level Route”.

Next is Niagara 6022 at Buffalo, NY. 1949. Photo by William W. Renn

In 1945, the Equipment Engineering Department of the New York Central Railroad developed and Alco (American Locomotive Company) in Schenectady, NY executed a locomotive design which had a marked impact on the steam locomotives to follow, and on the traditional measurements by which motive power would be evaluated. This locomotive was so significant that its performance is still discussed by the men who design and run locomotives. The locomotive was the New York Central class S1 4-8-4 Niagara.

Cleveland Union Terminal eecttric locomotives
Cleveland Union Terminal electric locomotives

These huge electric locomotives originally served the Cleveland Union Terminal then were moved to Harmon, NY to handle traffic in and out of Grand Central Terminal.

These are a few of my favourite things!!

Chestnut and Acorn

It’s sometimes hard to explain why we like something or dislike something but we always know – even if we don’t know why! I’ve come across so many good things recently and wanted to share a few of them with you! I’m planning on making this kind of post a semi-regular thing (hopefully every couple of months) to share what I’ve discovered and what’s featuring in my life! 

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Monorail In Singapore

The Inspiration Shots

iPhoneOgraphy – 15 Aug 2016 (Day 228/366)

A monorail is a railway in which the track consists of a single rail. The term is also used to describe the beam of the system, or the vehicles traveling on such a beam or track. The term originates from joining mono (one) and rail (rail), from as early as 1897, possibly from German engineer Eugen Langen, who called an elevated railway system with wagons suspended the Eugen Langen One-railed Suspension Tramway (Einschieniges Hängebahnsystem Eugen Langen).

Colloquially, the term “monorail” is often used to describe any form of elevated rail or people mover. More accurately, the term refers to the style of track, not its elevation, with ‘Mono’ meaning ‘one’ and ‘Rail’ meaning ‘rail’.

The first monorail prototype was made in Russia in 1820 by Ivan Elmanov. Attempts at creating monorail alternatives to conventional railways have been made since the early part of…

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All that I Can See

Mugilan Raju

I can see a dimly rainbow-lit bridge.

I can see us, wearing yesterday.

I can see a middle-aged architecture alley, with gargoyles staring at us.

I can see the whole place wondering aloft a cloud, right next to me.

I can see a bench, two lovers, and a blinding light that I mistake for the sun.

I can see herwearing an outstretched night sky, a black silk dress. Herhair is strewn all over the sky today, filled with clouds.

I can see galaxies exploding in her eyes.

I can see stars collapsing, others being reborn, deep down in her eyes.

I can see her lips, and mistake them for that fine line separating the sky and the ocean. Once they part, sheswallow in every drop.

I can see valleys covered in ice, with a raging fire underneath.

I can see the shadow of the universe, trapped in her eyelids, hymning…

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Ransomware Posts From Black Hat

The Arts Mechanical

This is a post series on cyber crime. For more posts click here or the cybercrime tag below.

This is a bunch of links from the “Black Hat” Hacker conference on ransomware.

First of all the rather scary keynote from Dan Kaminsky.

What was scary about this is that he’s talking about the same possibility of the fragmentation of the internet that I’ve been talking about from the other side. The thing is that you know a neighborhood is going bad when the fences and grates go in. You know a neighborhood is shot when the barbed wire comes out. Most of this is fear rather than actual reality, but when everybody knows somebody that gets hit, it’s hard not be afraid.

What I don’t think that the hacker community realizes is what happens when the essential trust is replaced by fear.  That’s a topic in another post. Suffice to say that the end…

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Smitty, April/May 1944 & Letter II

Pacific Paratrooper

Camp Stoneman, Pittsburgh, CA Camp Stoneman, Pittsburgh, CA

Letter II                                                                                                                                                                                      Thursday 5/4/44

Dear Mom,

     There really isn’t much to write about as I’ve told you most everything on the phone.  By the way, when you receive your bill for the month let me know just how much these calls cost.

I heard from Harley yesterday and it seems that he wants something to do and they just won’t give him anything.  They have now made him landscape sergeant and I can just see him pulling weeds and taking care of flowers.  If he should ever get his load on, he’ll nip out the flowers and let the weeds alone.  I haven’t written to Woods yet, but give me time.  I’ll get around to it before long.

We have to police up the area now, so will leave you for a while.  Be back before long. — Hello again.  We no sooner pick up…

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Miles Davis: Live Under The Sky 1985 Yomiuri Land Open Theatre East, Tokyo, Japan

Jazz You Too

Every time someone recalls Miles Davis in concert we can only check it on one of these live documents – luckily someomeone understood by then how important they would become!
Miles Davis:trumpet, keyboards Bob Berg:tenor/soprano saxophone John Scofield:guitar Robert Irving III:synthesizer Darryl Jones:electric bass Vincent Wilburn:drums Steve Thornton:percussion

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Organizers From Bernie’s Campaign Plan to Support 400 Progressive Candidates for Congress in 2018

For the next 90 days the first imperative is to dump the Trump. After Election Day the goal is to build on Bernie’s successes and continue to mobilize a strong and tenacious political force to reclaim our economy and democracy from the moneyed interests in 2018, 2020 and beyond.

Organizers from Bernie’s campaign already have launched “Brand New Congress” (see below), an ambitious effort to run at least 400 progressive candidates for Congress in 2018 with “a single, unified campaign with a single plan,” financed by crowd-sourced small donations and led by a nationwide network of volunteers.

Bernie himself has announced the formation of “Our Revolution,” which will support progressive candidates up and down the ticket. “Our goal will be the same as in our campaign: we must work to transform American society by making our political and economic systems work for all of us, not just the 1 percent,” he wrote.

The mobilization to fight the moneyed interests is just beginning. Will we need a third party or should the strategic goal be to take over the Democratic Party? What do you think?

See COMMENTS from Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Facebook Page

Irma Roy Honored by Her Daughter Carolina Papaleo

Stephen Page

Coming soon in the premier of the remake of “Simply Maria” #SimplementeMaría, Carolina Papaleo pays tribute to her mother #IrmaRoy on Channel 9. #CarolinaPapaleo #IrmaRoy # Canal9
A semanas del estreno de la remake de #SimplementeMaría, Carolina Papaleo homenajeará a su mamá #IrmaRoy en Canal 9. #CarolinaPapaleo #IrmaRoy #Canal9

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