Hitchhiking Vienna to Munich


I forgot how chaotic this kind of travel can be. A light rain hung over Vienna when I left Wednesday morning, so I took the subway to Hütteldorf, where supposedly I could step to the highway if it was not raining or duck into a station to take a train if it was raining. Before I could get upstairs, a Filipino woman told me, “No, it’s raining and the highway is far away; you must go to the Westbahnhof and take a train.”

At the Westbahnhof, tickets to Salzburg were more expensive than I had thought, so I started the rail pass that I was hoping to save for later.

Once in Salzburg, I merely had to find the road to Munich, but that in itself was an adventure. I was looking for the Salzburg Mitte ramp, which someone had told me is the best ramp for hitchhiking, but I…

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